Researching the market, you will find the double adjustable piano bench is ideal for buyers looking for a bench able to accommodate two players. Having a fully adjustable variable height mechanism it can comfortably seat players of any age, height or build. Double adjustable benches are used by a wide range of musicians and pianists from the home studio, living room to the performance stage and concert hall.

A widely sought after adjustable piano bench with double seating has two separate seats built into one bench frame. This allows for the pianist to adjust to their optimum playing position, improving technique and preventing performance related injuries. Each seat has its own adjustment handle with a hinged seat and music storage beneath, being ideal for music scores and literature.

The preferred adjustable piano bench with maximum bench seat area suitable for one or two players features a single, long seat that is fully adjustable. Made from genuine leather it has thick foam padding for ample comfort, fully upholstered in leather. It also has a hinged seat with a wide storage compartment suitable for books and music. Having a long bench seat, all the piano keyboard is in full reach, and there is ample room for an extra player.

Double piano benches are used by many pianists, including teacher and educators who incorporate the duo bench into their teaching routine. Playing duets and observing and demonstrating the proper hand technique and coordination leads to quicker learning and improved skills. Advanced player and professionals depend on the double adjustable bench when practicing and performing the extensive four hand piano literature.